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What makes our soap fabulous

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Fabulous Fragrances

We use therapeutic grade essential oils and amazing fragrance oils that make our soaps a delight to use. You’ll be looking forward to your next shower so you can lather up and enjoy your experience even more!

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Huge Bars of soap

Many artisan soaps are around 100-120 grams (4 ounces). Lauriche Soaps are big bars, usually more than 150 grams, You get more value for your money.

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great lather

Our soap recipe uses olive oil for moisturizing, coconut oil and lard for great lather and cleansing properties, and castor oil for big bubbles and moisturizing. The overall result is a hard, long-lasting bar of soap.

Where can I get Lauriche Soaps?

Lauriche Soaps & Such

Be kind to your skin!
Visit us at the Saturday Farmer's Market! Great selection of soaps available on this website.

Lauriche Soaps 'n Such is a small home based business creating hand made artisan soaps, located in the community of Rayleigh in beautiful Kamloops, BC.

In the summer of 2014, inspired by some fabulous handmade soap I bought at the Kamloops Farmer's market, I set upon a mission to learn how to make my own,  Now, well over 5000 bars and counting, I still craft my soap in small batches in my "lab," a small cubbyhole in the basement that has a workbench and power.

The earliest batches of soap were fragrance free, and the best soap I ever used! It was extremely effective at removing the smell of onion and garlic from food preparation in the kitchen, and I was hooked.

I have experimented with various fragrances, using essential oils and fragrance oils, and have many delicious fragrances that will delight your senses. Some soaps have various clays in them for colouring as well as conditioning.

Our soaps are big and chunky. While most hand made soaps are around 100g (4 oz.) our soaps are usually at least 145g and sometimes heavier.  So you get more for your money!

Click on the "Shop" link in the top navigation bar, or click here to see what kind of soap we make. If you live in Kamloops, we can arrange for you to come over and pick up your order, or I can deliver it to you for $6.00.